[INDY KITCHEN]  Let's sip hot cocoa with soft marshmallows for this weekend

[INDY KITCHEN] Let's sip hot cocoa with soft marshmallows for this weekend

into this winter What could be better than sipping hot cocoa topped with silky white marshmallows, but the ready-made sachets are just plain, a little so-so, right? Today, P Indy would like to share a recipe for making hot cocoa that tastes good. It's just as delicious as a famous cafe.


  • good quality cocoa powder           3 teaspoons
  • fresh milk                                 150 ml.
  • sweetened condensed milk           2 teaspoons
  • marshmallows as you like
  • Chocolate Topping Sauce

How to do
1. Choose good quality cocoa powder and scoop into a glass.
2. Steam or warm fresh milk to hot but not boiling, then pour it with cocoa powder.
3. Add sweetened condensed milk. If you want more excitement, you can add as you like.
4. Top with marshmallows of your choice and drizzle with chocolate sauce.
5. Super satisfying hot cocoa ready to serve


Tips: Warming milk should not be heated to boiling because the milk will crack, it makes the cocoa taste salty.

This recipe is truly delicious. If your friends are cold tonight, want something hot to sip on and watch the series for the weekend. You can go and arrange it. Indy doesn't care about the formula anyway.

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